The 8th ITPU International Seminar

“Special Lectures on Transport Demand and Subsidies”

Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 14:00-17:30

Venue: Sanjo Conference Hall, The University of Tokyo

Held by: International Transport Policy Research Unit (ITPU), Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo


The accuracy, reliability, and transparency of demand estimation of aviation, railroad, highway and other modes are getting more and more attention from all sides of policy debates. Also subsides to air services to remote areas, bus or transit service in cities have been one of the center materials of policy debates for a long time.

We invite to our university Professor Kenneth Small, President of ITEA (International Transportation Economics Association) and Professor Emeritus of University of California Irvine, who has been studying transport demand, cost-benefit analysis of transport investment, subsidies to transport operators for more than thirty years and the world leading scholar on these issues.

In the afternoon on the 12th of March, Professor Small will give us special lectures on Transport Demand and Subsidies at the Sanjo Conference Hall in Hongo campus in the University of Tokyo. All the policy/business practitioners as well as researchers on these matters are welcome to the lectures.


14:00Opening Remarks
Professor Yoshitsugu Kanemoto, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (Professor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo)
14:05-15:30Special Lecture on Transport Demand
Kenneth Small, ITEA President, University of California Irvine Professor Emeritus
16:00-17:30Special Lecture on Transport Subsidies
Kenneth Small, ITEA President, University of California Irvine Professor Emeritus
17:30Closing Remarks
Professor Hiroshi Ohashi, the University of Tokyo
17:45Buffet Dinner Party
(Faculty Club—Ito International Research Center, U-Tokyo, MAP)