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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

山口 健介 YAMAGUCHI, Kensuk

特任講師 / Project Assistant Professor 山口 健介YAMAGUCHI, Kensuk

Graduate School of Public Policy
YAMAGUCHI, Kensuk/山口 健介

Courses in AY 2021

  • 5122501 海洋科学技術政策論
  • 5140500 事例研究(海洋問題演習Va)
  • 5140501 事例研究(海洋問題演習Vb)
  • 5171110 科学技術政策研究:政治学系(海洋科学技術政策論)

Research Fields

ASEAN Studies, Energy and Resources Policy, Rent Management

Focusing on the management of relevant rents, I study the public policy regarding energy and resources in ASEAN.

Major Publications

2019. ”Analysis on the relationship between water resources and environmental change in Northern Thailand” Global Energy Interconnection, 270-275. (K. Yamaguchi, R. Manaskorn, and R. Prasert)

2019. ”The institutional dimension of power grid connectivity” In H. Liu (ed.) Electricity Connectivity Roadmap for Asia and the Pacific, UNESCAP. (D. del-Barrio, K. Yamaguchi, and G. Wang)

2019. “Why economic sanctions in Myanmar is a bad idea” PacNet, Pacific Forum CSIS.

2018. “Cross-border power trade with Myanmar: barriers and their removal from the Thai’s perspective” International Journal of Public Policy 14, 30-49. (K. Yamaguchi, R. Prasert, M. Sugiyama, W. Dawan, H. Yoshikawa, and I. Sakata)

2017. “Understanding the motivations behind the Myanmar-China energy pipeline: Multiple streams and energy politics in China.” Energy Policy, 107, 403-412. (Liu, D., Yamaguchi, K., & Yoshikawa, H).

2017. “Natural Gas in Thailand: Curse or Blessing?” GMSarn International Journal, 11, 69-75 (Kensuke Yamaguchi, Manaskorn Rachakarakij, and Hisashi Yoshikawa)

2017. “Hydropower threatens peace in Myanmar — but it doesn’t have to” Nikkei Asian Review (with Noah Kittner)

2013. “Energy Efficiency Road Mapping in Three Future Scenarios for Lao PDR” Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, Volume 1, Issue 3, 172-186. (H. Sasaki, K. Yamaguchi, G. Yoshizawa, I. Sakata, and H. Shiroyama)