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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

石田 浩 ISHIDA, Hiroshi

教授 / Professor 石田 浩ISHIDA, Hiroshi

Courses in AY 2019

  • 5130030 社会調査法


東京大学 助教授
東京大学 教授


専門分野 比較社会階層と移動、教育と労働、家族形成、ライフコースと不平等

(1) 現代日本の若年者の行動と意識に関するパネル調査の実施と格差の連鎖・蓄積に関する研究
(Study of Cumulative Advantage and Disadvantage Using Panel Surveys about Behaviors and Attitudes among Japanese Youth)

(2) 少子高齢化からみる階層構造の変容と格差生成メカニズムに関する研究
(Structural Change in Social Stratification and the Mechanism of Generating Inequality in Ageing Society with Low Fertility)

(3) 教育機会の格差と学歴の社会経済的効用に関する研究
(Inequality of Educational Opportunities and Socio-Economic Returns to Education)

(4) 社会科学における計量分析と因果推論
(Quantitative Data Analysis and Causal Inference in Social Sciences)


“The Absolute and Relative Values of Education and the Inequality of Educational Opportunity: Trends in Access to Education in Postwar Japan.” (with Sho Fujihara) Research in Social Stratification and Mobility (March, 2016).

“Inequality in Workplace Conditions and Health Outcomes,” Industrial Health, volume 51(August, 2013): 501-513.

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