Case Study (Real Estate and Urban Development Policy)


KANEMOTO, Yoshitsugu / ZUSHI, Chishu / MUGISHIMA, Takeshi

Credits / Language / Semester

2Credits / English / Winter


The course introduces, to prospective policy professionals, some of the important aspects of urban development and real estate development. Topics covered are (1) urban transportation and land use development, (2) real estate development and finance, (3) public-private relationship in urban development.
Students form groups to conduct case study projects. Typically, a case study in this course outlines a business plan for a real-world urban development project, in the hope of providing a creative solution to many existing difficulties in developing countries. For example, a business plan must find a way to ensure economic feasibility and overcome political difficulties.


Urban development, Real estate, Infrastructure, Finance, Public policy


Tentative, Subject to change
The classes contain the following subjects and activities. The detailed schedule will be decided later.
Real Estate Development and Finance
Transportation Investment and Land Development
Team project discussions
Team Project Presentation

Teaching Methods

Lectures, class discussions, case study reports and presentations


Based on: Exercises, Case study reports and presentation, Class participation

Required Text


Reference Books

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Notes on Taking the Course

This course requires good understanding of basic economics and statistics but does not pursue sophisticated economic analysis. Prerequisites are
(1) Microeconomics for public policy
(2) Statistical Method
or their equivalents.

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