Practice Session for Microeconomics for Public Policy


IIZUKA, Toshiaki

Credits / Language / Semester

1Credits / English / Winter


Under the supervision of Prof. Iizuka, the TA will go over some lecture materials, problem sets, home works, and midterm exams. The TA will also hold a Q&A session.


Practice session, Microeconomics, Principles


The practice session will follow the schedule of Microeconomics for Public Policy. Some Tuesdays will be off: those dates will be announced in class.

Teaching Methods



You will get the same grading as Microeconomics for Public Policy.

Notes on Taking the Course

This practice session is required for MPP/IP and MPP/CAP students (excluding non-degree exchange students). This course is optional for other students but highly recommended. Students should take this course and Microeconomics for Public Policy during the same semester. Students cannot take this course without taking Microeconomics for Public Policy.

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