Applied Econometrics for Public Policy


KOEDA, Junko

Credits / Language / Semester

4Credits / English / Winter


This course introduces practical econometrics and statistical tools commonly used to analyze empirical problems in economics and public policies. Hands-on examples will be solved and discussed in class using existing software (Eviews and Stata), while covering the underlying econometrics theory. The class will be taught in English and take place in a computer lab. Syllabus will be downloadable at


Econometrics, Economic and Public Policy, Eviews, Stata


See syllabus downloadable at the course website

Teaching Methods

Lecture, Hands-on empirical execises using Eviews/Stata


Problem sets, Final exam

Required Text

Stock and Watson, Introduction to Econometrics, Addison-Wesley, 3rd Edition

Reference Books

See syllabus downloadable at the course website

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