Introduction to Japanese Law in English


SATO, Chiaki

Credits / Language / Semester

2Credits / English / Summer


This course is aiming at explaining the basics of Japanese law in English. The text book is edited by three most famous lawyers in the United States, who teach Japanese law. The book includes English translation of Japanese statutes as well as judicial decisions. To read and understand is the first stage, and then to try to summarize in English on each topic of laws, that is the aim of this course.


Japanese law, dispute resolution, constitutional law, civil law, criminal law, corporate law


The casebook consists of 11 chapters. In each class, participants are expected to read one chapter in advance to discuss about its content in the class. After finishing the book, every participant will be able to express some parts of Japanese law in English.
1 Introduction
2 Legal services
3 dispute resolution
4 constitutional law
5 contracts
6 torts
7 property
8 criminal law
9 family law
10 employment law
11 corporate law

Teaching Methods

A Casebook is used for this course, which means the class includes some factors of case method. Participants are expected to read each chapter of the book and will be asked some questions on it.


Participants are graded by a regular exam in English. At the exam, English dictionaries and other materials could be brought in. In other words, the exam is done in an open-book type.

Required Text

Curtis Milhaupt, Mark Ramseyer & Mark West, The Japanese Legal System, Foundation Press, 2nd edtion, 2012

This course in intended to ordinary students, meaning not those who are cable of English. Everyone is at first a beginner of anything. So, take it easy to take part in this course.

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