Comparative Analysis of Japanese Economic Policy-Making Process



Credits / Language / Semester

2Credits / English / Winter


The objective of this session is to understand the different economic policy-making process by analyzing Japanese process from comparative perspective. While important policy is carried out through either budgetary measures or legislative measures, the course will focus on legislative system. We will focus on structural policy, not on macro policy
Legislation is heavily influenced by the following three actions; interaction among a part of legislators, relevant executive officials and interest groups, leadership role of chief executive officer and the enhancement of policymaking technique. All of them are shaped by the interaction of history, values and institution of each country. After identifying these elements in Japanese system, we will examine how these elements shape economic policy in American and British system. Then we compare the pros and cons of each system under specific environment.
Adequate emphasis will be made on the on-going change in Japanese policy-making process.
Student will be expected to make joint report on the assigned readings in the class, and to participate in the class discussion. Final report will be the recommendation on the improvement of legislative process of specific countries.

Class will be conducted in English. Students are encouraged to actively participate in the class.



Japan, economic policy making, legislation, comparative


1 Introduction and the Framework of Economic Policymaking
2 Effect of Globalization in Japanese Economic Policymaking
3 Japanese Legislative Process Overview
4 American and British Legislative System Overview
5 Japanese Consensus Process and Role of Bureaucracy
6 Role of Executive Expert in American and British Legislative Process
7 Role of Political Party in Japanese Consensus Process
8 Role of Political Party in American and British Legislative Process
9 Role of Interest Group in Japanese American and British Legislative Process
10 Leadership of Chief Executive Officer in Japanese, American and British Legislative Process
11 Legal Tradition and the introduction of New Scientific Methodology in Policymaking
12 Presentations by Student

Teaching Methods

Lecture, Guest Speakers, Class presentations


Grading will be based on class participation, presentation and essay

Reference Books

・ Yergin Commanding Heights
・ Aoki “Bureaupluralism” Information, incentives, and bargaining in the Japanese economy
・ Seki “The Drafting Process of Cabinet Bills”
・ McCraw America versus Japan
・ Miwa and Ramsayer
・ Vernon Iron Triangle and Revolving Door
・ Johnson  MITI and the Japanese Miracle
・ Dietrich In the Shadow of Rising Sun
・ Okimoto Between MITI and Market
・ Curtis Japanese Way of Politics
・ Wolferen ”LDP Battles, Bureaucrats and Political Tribesmen" The Enigma of Japanese Power
・  Olsen The Legislative Process
・ Shugart President and Assemblies
・ Huber ”Law, Institution, and Policymaking” Deliberate Discretion
・ Merryman “Revolution” Civil Law Tradition

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