Japanese Politics


Sadafumi KAWATO / Junko KATO / Masaki TANIGUCHI / Kaoru IOKIBE

Credits / Language / Semester

2Credits / English / Winter


This is an omnibus course on Japanese Politics by four instructors. The course is taught in English and is intended mainly for international exchange students and GrasPP students, but undergraduate students also can apply for this course.


Japanese politics, International program


The course will give students introductory accounts on four main themes: 1) political and diplomatic history, 2) coalitions and party politics, 3) political institutions and political process, 4) elections, mass media, and political change.

Teaching Methods

All instructors will be present at the first and the final classes. Each instructor is responsible for three classes.


Attendance at class and final exam.

Required Textbooks

A list of reading assignments will be handed at the first class.

Notes on Taking the Course

Class begins on October 8.

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