Global Securities Market Law


Hideki KANDA

Credits / Language / Semester

2Credits / English / Summer


Global Securities Market Law


securities law, capital market, financial regulation


 This seminar will be taught in English.
 Legal, regulatory and policy issues concerning financial and securities markets in Japan will be discussed. Comparative inquiries with the U.S. and European situations will also be considered.

Teaching Methods

 The specific topics for this seminar will be determined after the participants are known. The topics may include financial and capital markets in Japan, legal and regulatory issues concerning Japanese capital markets, legal issues concerning listed companies in Japan, corporate governance in Japanese firms, a comparison of Japan and the U.S. , a comparison of Japan and Europe, policy issues after the global financial crisis, financial and capital market regulation under "Abenomics."


Submitting a report is required for a credit.

Required Textbooks

Materials will be distributed.

Reference Books

Materials will be distributed.

Notes on Taking the Course


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