Social Design and Global Leadership


Hiroshi SUZUKI / Hideaki SHIROYAMA

Credits / Language / Semester

2Credits / English / Summer


This is the introductory lecture course for guraduate leading program on social design and management. Basic concepts and methods for for social design and management in organization settings are introduced, followed by concrete cases in various sectors and discussion on global leadership as a cross cutting issue.


social design and management, social innovation, global leadership


19th April 9-13:30 Introduction, basic concepts and methods for social design and management
26th April 9-13 International economic management case by Prof. Ito and Prof. Kawai
10th May 9-17 Energy security case by Prof. Tanaka, international public health case by Prof. Shibuya
31st May 9-13 International space collaboration case by Prof. Nakasuka
12th July 15-21 Global leadership in global governance by Prof. Tiberghien (University of British Columbia), international business case by Mr. Higuchi (Microsoft Japan)

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