Case Study (Japanese Macroeconomic Policy: Solutions to Monetary and Fiscal Policy Challenges)



Credits / Language / Semester

2Credits / English / Summer


This course will provide sound basis for research on the Japanese macroeconomic policy, focusing on monetary policy, with reference to other countries. It will cover a wide range of background knowledge from policy framework in theory and practice, economic assessment and data analysis to the current policy settings.


macroeconomic policy, monetary policy, deflation, growth


1) General Guidance
2) Basics on Japan's economic analysis
3) Brief history on Japan's economy
4) Monetary policy in the world
5) Monetary policy in Japan (1)
6) Monetary policy in Japan (2)
7) Financial system, macroprudential policy and monetary policy
8) Exchange rates and Japan's economy
9) Structural reform issues, potential growth and monetary policy
10) Fiscal policy, the political process and policy mix
11) Guidance on data collection and analysis
12) Presentation on research ideas
13) Presentation on research results
14) Practice for final presentation
15) Final Presentation

Teaching Methods

interactive teaching; a research project


Grade will be based on class participation(30%), presentation and a report(70%).

Required Textbooks


Reference Books


Notes on Taking the Course

Prerequisites: Knowledge of Macroeconomics

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