Case Study (Institutions and Methods of Health Technology Assessment in Healthcare Policy)



Credits / Language / Semester

2Credits / English / Winter


・Students learn Health Technology Assessment(HTA) and the HTA institutions in the world.
・A student group performs a in-class presentation on the theme assigned in advance, and deeply understands the policy and trends for HTA institutions in the world.
・・Through the internet video conference, short lectures / comments are provided by international HTA experts in the world class.
・A student develops his/her capability of HTA specialty in the global perspective.


Health Technology Assessment, Pharmacoeconomics, Outcomes study, Cost-effectiveness analysis, Economic evaluation, Value, Value-based, Evidence-based??health care, Health economics, Decision-making, Decision theory, Healthcare systems, Healthcare reform, Value-based pricing, US Healthcare Reform, PCORI, UK NICE, France HAS, IQWiG, HIRA, HITAP, ISPOR, HTA international, QALY, QALY per cost, uncertainty, Pharmacoeconomic guidelines, QOL, Health-related QOL, FDA PRO Guidance, Patient-reported outcomes


1) Health Care and Insurance Systems in the World
2) Principles of Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
3) Critical Appraisals for Economic Evaluation and HTA Agencies
4) HTA in Canada and Australia:CADTH, PBAC
5) HTA in UK:NICE and the International Influence
6) HTA in France:HAS and Value-based Reimbursement
7) HTA in Germany:IQWiG and the Efficiency Frontier
8) HTA in Asia:Challenges in Korea, Taiwan and Thailand
9) HTA in Japan:Quasi-VBP Assessing Innovation and the Future
10) HTA in US:FDA, PCORI and AMCP Guideline
11) Health-related QOL Analysis:Measuring Utility and the PRO Guidance in US FDA
12) Pros and Cons on Quality-adjusted Life Years: Why is the US so conservative?
13) How to Cope with Uncertainty: Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis

Teaching Methods

Group works, presentations and discussions


Term paper (70%), class contribution (20%) and attendance (required in class presentation) (10%)

Required Textbooks


Reference Books


Notes on Taking the Course

A student group is asked to prepare for the homework assigned in advance, and to present it in class.
The course (in Japanese)“Health Technology Assessment” in Summer Term is not required, but students who speak in Japanese are strongly recommended to take that course, too.

Miscellaneous Information

A student trip to European HTA agencies such as the NICE in UK and the HAS in France will be held in March 2014. Taking this course is a pre-requisite for participating in it with the financial aid by GraSPP.

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