Internatinal Students

Housing information



Student dormitories of the University of Tokyo

These residences accept applications in mid-January (for an April move-in date) or around July (for an October move-in date). The application information will be sent to all international students by email.

Decision on acceptance into student residences is made at the beginning of March (for an April move-in date) or the beginning of September (for an October move-in date).

For in-coming new students, the International Student Adviser will apply on their behalf if they submit necessary documents in advance. Student cannot choose which residences they would like to move into. You will find the application and more information in the admission package which you will receive around May for new students admitted to the university in October, or around October for students admitted to the university in April.

The University of Tokyo has built and designated several dormitories specifically for international student use, but is currently unable to meet demand. Although it is possible to apply, seeking alternative housing options is highly recommended.





Joint surety/Guarantor

In Japan, whether you are a foreigner or Japanese, you need a joint surety/guarantor to rent an apartment. Because international students face difficulties in finding a joint surety/guarantor, the University of Tokyo has a program that appoints the Head of the International Student Support Group as your joint surety/guarantor. For more information, please visit the International Student Support Group. (9:30-17:00, TEL:03-5841-2515)


民間アパート等へ入居する際、連帯保証人を見つけることが困難な場合があります。そのような時、留学生が一定の条件を満たせば、個人に代わって東京大学教育・学生支援系留学生支援グループ長が連帯保証人になる制度があります。この制度を利用したい場合は、留学生支援課(9:30-17:00, TEL:03-5841-2515)に申し込んで下さい。

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