Internatinal Students

Immigration Procedure



Certificate of Eligibility

In order to obtain a student visa, you need to apply for a "Certificate of Eligibility". You will find the application and more information in admission package which you will receive around May for new students admitted to the university in October, or around October for students admitted to the university in April. GraSPP will apply for this certificate on your behalf.

You need to prepare:

  1. Application for Certificate of Eligibility
  2. Documents to prove financial support during the program, such as Balance Statement from your bank, certificate of money remittance, or a receipt/proof of financial aid
  3. Three photos of yourself (4cm x 3cm in size, taken within 6 months)
    *please print your name on the back of each photo.
  4. Photocopy of your passport (inside cover, portrait page)



  1. 在留資格認定証明書交付申請書
  2. 経費支弁を立証する書類:預金残高証明書、送金証明書、奨学金支給証明書等
  3. 写真3枚(4.0cm×3.0cm  申請前6カ月以内のもの)
  4. パスポートのコピー(顔写真が載っているページ)

Student Visas

The International Student Adviser will send you the Certificate of Eligibility to you as soon as it is issued. Please complete the student visa application at the Japanese Embassy in your home county.

You will need:

  1. Passport
  2. Visa application form
  3. Photos of yourself
  4. Certificate of eligibility
  5. Documents other than the above may also be required




  1. パスポート
  2. 査証申請書
  3. 写真
  4. 在留資格認定証明書
  5. その他にも書類の提出を求められる場合があります。