Internatinal Students

On/Off-Campus Formalities




Typically, scholarships are only available to students who have already been accepted into a program of study at the University of Tokyo. All scholarship application information is posted on the bulletin board at the Administration Bureau Building 2. Please check it carefully. Recruiting is especially concentrated from October to April. There is only a slim chance to be awarded a scholarship because of high competitiveness. If you want to be granted, you will have to apply over and over.

For details, please refer to the site below.

Scholarships through private organizations, which need to be applied for separately by applicants.:

If an organization accepts you as a scholarship student, be sure to send a letter to it expressing your gratitude and informing it of your intended career path when you finish receiving stipends.






Enrollment Confirmation Signature

Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholars (KOKUHISEI) / Gakushu Shoureihi Scholars / Koryukyokai Scholars must provide their signature each month within a specified term (usually within the first 3 days of the month) to confirm their enrollment. By providing a signature on time, the monthly stipend will be transferred to your savings account within the month.

If you do not come to provide your signature, you will not receive any stipend for the month.



Admission Fees and Application for Exemption

The admission fee is paid only once, via bank transfer, when a student is admitted to the university. The amount is 282,000JPY. If you require financial assistance, you may apply for exemption from the admission fee. It will be subject to screening. For more information, please refer to the Student Scholarship and Welfare Group homepage.



Tuition Fees and Application for Exemption

Students are required to pay tuition for a six-month period in May and November each year, via direct debit from your bank account. The amount is 267,900JPY.

Please register your bank account with GraSPP.

If you require financial assistance, you may apply for exemption from the tuition fee. It will be subject to screening. For more information, please refer to the Student Scholarship and Welfare Group homepage.





Student Certificates

Students can apply for certificates (transcript, graduation certificate, enrollment certificate, etc.) at the Graduate School Office. Be sure to find out how long it will take to obtain your desired certificate.



Course Registration

Please complete course registration through UT-mate before the deadline.

Students receive username and password to enter UT-mate at new student orientation.

Exchange students (status: special auditor) need to register their courses by paper application to the Graduate School Office.



Annual Health Check-up

In Japan, students must receive an annual medical checkup during a predetermined peiod. The Health Service Center provides free regular health checkup services for all UT students. The Center conducts health checkups for new students at Hongo campuses around May (or around October for new students admitted to the university in October). The annual health checkup is scheduled in May or June every year for the Hongo campus. Detailed schedules will be posted on the GraSPP bulletin board.




Changing Address or Phone Number

When you change your address, phone number, or e-mail address, please be sure to inform the International Student Adviser. Also, please follow the procedures below:

1. Report the change of address to the post office: Mail to your old address will be delivered to your new address for one year free of charge. Please fill out the post office forms to report your change of address at the post office that is closest to your old address. Or, you can use the following website for application:

2. Address registration/National Health Insurance: Fill out a form to report your change of address at the old ward office and give back your health insurance card. Then, go to a new ward office for address registration and receive a new health insurance card within 14 days after moving to your new address.


住所や電話番号、メールアドレス等を変更する場合は、必ず留学生担当に連絡して下 さい。