Twitter account has been changed to "UTokyoGraSPP"


In 2013, the University of Tokyo announced that its abbreviated name in English would be "UTokyo" instead of the currently-used "Todai."

Therefore, Twitter account name of GraSPP has been changed from "TodaiGraSPP" to "UTokyoGraSPP", and a new account "GraSPPstudents" is started for current students.

We GraSPP staff send messages such as the information of seminars and update of the Website via this official Twitter accounts.

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2011年3月よりTwitterによる発信を行ってきましたが、東京大学の英文略称が "Todai" から "UTokyo" に変更されたことにともない、Twitterアカウント名を "TodaiGraSPP" から "UTokyoGraSPP" に変更いたしました。

また、在学生向けの情報発信については "GraSPPstudents" に分離します。


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