[Announcement] PhD in Public Policy at GraSPP


The Graduate School of Public Policy is pleased to announce that we have filed an application to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Science (MEXT) to create a PhD program at GraSPP. If the application is approved as scheduled, we will welcome its first cohort in April 2016. The PhD program starts in September, but we also allow students to enroll in April.

The main fields of study included in this PhD are International Finance/Development, and International Security. The program aims to nurture highly skilled researchers in law/politics and economics. In addition, it aims to foster cross-cutting, multidisciplinary and practical skills for policy-making.

In the selection for the PhD program, candidates are required to hold at least a master's degree before enrollment, including professional master's degree, with a firm foundation in economics, or law/politics.

To be selected for the economics based PhD program, you will be required to possess a solid understanding of economics in order to conduct research in your chosen field. If you are currently enrolled in a graduate school at the University of Tokyo and wish to enter the GraSPP PhD program, you should take the Microeconomics I & II, Macroeconomics I & II, and Econometrics I & II courses offered by the Graduate School of Economics at the University of Tokyo. Excellent grades are expected for those six courses.

To be selected for the law/politics based PhD program, you will be required to have a solid understanding in law/ politics aligned with your targeted field of research.

Submission of a thesis that is equivalent to a master's thesis will also be required in the selection process. GraSPP students or students in a professional master's degree program who are planning to enroll for a PhD in Public Policy after obtaining a professional master's degree will be required to write a thesis equivalent to a master's thesis in your school, or a “Kenkyu Ronbun” at GraSPP (winter submission: 5150020 and summer submission: 5150021) during your second year.

If you wish to proceed to the PhD in Public Policy at the University of Tokyo, we urge you to plan your course registration at GraSPP or at your graduate school very carefully in order to meet the requirements of eligibility.



博士課程入学においては、修士課程あるいは専門職学位課程を修了し、経済学、あるいは法学政治学について修士課程レベルの専門的基礎を習得していることを求めます。経済学を基礎として博士課程に進学する場合は、研究対象分野に即した経済学の専門的基礎を有することが必要となります。東京大学の大学院から進学する場合には、経済学研究科修士課程のミクロ経済学 I・II、マクロ経済学 I・II、計量経済学 I・IIを履修し、優れた成績を取得することが必要となります。法学政治学を基礎として博士課程に進学する場合も、研究対象分野に即した法学政治学に関する専門的基礎を有することが必要となります。また、修士学位論文相当の論文が求められるため、専門職学位課程の在学生で、専門職学位課程修了後又は将来的に博士課程に進学を希望する方は、研究論文の執筆が必要となります。