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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

For PhD students For PhD students

Process and Internal Rules for awarding a PhD degree

Process and Internal Rules for awarding a PhD degree are as follows:

1-1 (JP). 「博士の学位審査に関する内規」についての申合わせ事項 学生周知用(一部抜粋)(224KB)

1-2 (EN). Agreement on the Internal Regulations for the Assessment and Award of Doctor of Philosophy – excerpt for students – (218KB)

2-1 (JP). 博士課程修了までの流れ (101KB)

2-1 (EN). Process of Award of Doctor of Philosophy (36.8KB)

Format for Proposal Review

  • Format for Proposal Review (as of 25 January, 2018) (45KB)

Guidelines for Thesis Submission by Doctoral Course Candidates as of March, 2018

1. Guidelines for Thesis Submission <To be Implemented in FY 2019 (Draft)>
(English version, 1.23MB) (Japanese version, 970KB)

2. Code of Conduct for Research (1.84MB)

3. Guide for Doctorate Theses and Copyrights (1.32MB)

4-1. Guidelines for Doctorate Theses by School of Law and Politics, UTokyo
English version, 258KB) (Japanese version, 401KB)

4-2. Guidelines for Doctorate Theses by School of Economics, UTokyo
(English version, 299KB) (Japanese version, 436KB)

“Guidelines for Thesis Submission” (see 1. above), which is as of March 2018, is sorely prepared to be used as a reference for current GraSPP PhD students for writing theses, while the genuine guideline will be implemented from AY2019. Please make sure to check the latest version as it may be updated.
Also make sure of rules and regulations related scientific research when writing theses. Students are requested to read carefully “Guidelines for Doctorate Theses” by both School of Law and Politics and School of Economics, UTokyo (see 4-1, 4-2 above), until GraSPP regulations are finalized.

また、本教育部所定の論文作成ガイドラインが完成するまでは、本学法学政治学研究科および経済学研究科が作成したガイドライン(上記4-1, 4-2)を熟読し、研究倫理について遺漏のないようにすること。