TTPU provides 4 courses at University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Public Policy: ‘International Transportation Policy’, ‘Study on Regional Transportation Policy’, ‘Tourism PolicyⅠ(Basics) *Course name changed from 2023’, and ‘Tourism PolicyⅡ(Strategies)* Course name changed from 2023’.

International Transportation Policy

Transportation has an important role for sustainable growth and enriching the livelihood of the people, whilst competing and cooperating in the global society. Mobility service itself is on the verge of drastic transformation. This course will focus on the future of international transportation policy, analyzing current policy and the actual state of the system.

Study on Regional Transportation Policy

As the population shrinks, regional transportation faces severe conditions in both urban and local areas. At the same time, IoT, AI, bigdata and other innovation has induced dynamic transformation of mobility service itself, with the private sector challenging MaaS, AI, and automated cruising.
COVID-19 has overclouded transportation business all around the world. Regional transportation has been severely affected. The importance of regional transportation lies in the fact that it directly impacts the mobility of the local people, and that it serves as the basis of local communication. This course will approach on the policy framework to sustain and ameliorate regional transportation, taking in to account the impact of COVID-19.

Tourism PolicyⅠ(Basics) *Course name changed from 2023

As Japan promotes itself as a ‘Tourism Nation’, tourism has grown to become one of the biggest source of foreign exchange. At the same time, many issues have surfaced. COVID-19 has shifted people’s values and lifestyle, and tourism is required to respond to these changes. When we think about the future of tourism, the importance of sustainable tourism balancing social, economic, and environmental impacts is increasing. ‘Tourism PolicyⅠ(Basics) *Course name changed from 2023’ will focus on what we should expect of tourism, what tourism will bring to us, sustainable tourism, and relations between other policy areas, whilst understanding that tourism is based on multiple actions by multiple actors.

Tourism PolicyⅡ(Strategies)* Course name changed from 2023

Tourism receives high expectations as a tool to solve various issues regions are facing. ‘Tourism PolicyⅡ(Strategies)* Course name changed from 2023’ will focus on the role of tourism in solving issues in regions, and approach actual steps that are necessary, whilst understanding that tourism is based on multiple actions by multiple actors.