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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

小松崎 俊作 KOMATSUZAKI, Shunsaku

准教授 / Associate Professor 小松崎 俊作KOMATSUZAKI, Shunsaku

School of Engineering

Courses in AY 2023

  • 5130290 International Projects
  • 5174001 International Finance and Development: Interdisciplinary(International Projects)
  • 5174101 Science and Technology Policy: Interdisciplinary(International Projects)

Education & Employment

Assistant Professor (Koshi), Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Assistant Professor (Jokyo), Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Doctor of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Research Fellow, Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Master of Arts (Political Science), Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering), The University of Tokyo

Research Fields

Interpretive policy analysis, case study, construction project management

Major Publications

Morikawa, S., Takagi, D., and Komatsuzaki, S. (2017). Attitude toward the construct of radioactive waste disposal facilities and spiral of silence: Results from online survey experiment. International journal of management and applied science, 3(5-part6), 74-82.
del Barrio-Alvarez, D., Komatsuzaki, S., and Horii. H. (2014). Regional power sector integration: Critical success factors in the Central American electricity market. OIDA International journal of sustainable development, 7(12), 119-136.
Komatsuzaki, S. (2014). Undesirable facility siting and democracy: A comparative analysis of radioactive waste repository siting in Japan, Korea and France. In Ueta, K. and Adachi, Y. (eds.) Transition Management for Sustainable Development. Tokyo: United Nations University Press.