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CAMPUS Asia Program was mentioned in the 9th Japan-China-ROK SummitJune 3, 2024

The 9th Japan-China-ROK Summit was held in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, on May 27th. It was the first time the summit had been held since December 2019.

Prime Minister Kishida explained Japan’s views on initiatives in the three areas, namely people-to-people exchanges, sustainable society, and cooperation with ASEAN, and mentioned the CAMPUS Asia Program in the “people-to-people exchanges” in Trilateral Cooperation section as follows:

“Multi-layerd people-to-people exchanges centered on youth, forging the future of the relations among the three countries is the foundation, which nurtures mutual understanding and trust toward the future, and it will also be the driving force to create new ideas to address challenges even in a testing period. Based on the recognition, Japan will continue to back up the promotion of the implementation of the programs such as “CAMPUS Asia,”an inter-university exchange program initiated among the three countries, which has expanded to encompass Southeast Asia.”

The CAMPUS Asia Program was also mentioned in the Joint Declaration of the Ninth ROK-Japan-China Trilateral Summit as follows:

14. Recognizing the importance of cooperation in the education sector in promoting exchanges between future generations, we appreciate the exemplary role of CAMPUS Asia, an inter-university exchange program initiated in 2011, which has expanded to encompass universities in ASEAN member states. We note that the program has garnered the participation of 15,000 university students, and will actively support this project with the goal of having 30,000 students by the end of 2030.