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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

Dong Yoon WON (ADBI, Winter 2017) June 06, 2017


As I was reaching the end of my stay in Tokyo, I was eager to try many things that I could only do in Tokyo. Since I am a Campus Asia student, I am only studying at Tokyo University for a year. I spent the first semester to take mandatory courses, and fulfilled the credit requirements. I was too exhausted afterwards, so decided to take a break during the summer vacation. However as I realized I only have a semester left at Todai, I decided to apply for school internship program. I applied to Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), which was an unique choice for me because I did not have any financial or economic background. Nevertheless, during my interview with two professors, I told them I am passionate about learning and exploring new things, and it would be a great opportunity for me to experience working in Japan, since I wanted to continue to live here.

My enthusiasm and passion were successful and I started my internship at ADBI from the beginning of January. Unlike other interns, I was assigned to Administration, Management, and Coordination (AMC) team, and worked with two supervisors. My task was to collect articles and catch up with media tracking from November about anything related to ADBI. Because I used to do media tracking with my former internship, I was able to do my task quickly. Therefore, from November, I finished up to January media tracking within three weeks.

One of the surprise things that I have faced at ADBI was working condition. In Korea, usually the office hour is 9 to 6, and I thought it was also fixed like that in Japan. However, ADBI starts from 10, and they all prepare to leave around 5 or 6. The staff members have their own space and they are very independent. Lunch hour is not fixed, so whenever you feel hungry, you can go out and have lunch by yourself. In Korea, usually people go out as a group to have lunch together, so looking at this different culture was somewhat very refreshing to me.

I had a remarkable experience working at ADBI. People who are passionate about what they do, and work are just near you. By talking to my supervisor, research assistants, and managers, they were so nice and always willing to give me advice on my career path or other troubles. I am really glad I had this amazing opportunity to work there, and have met so many nice and professional people. I highly recommend trying to apply for the internship at ADBI. It is okay whether you are not familiar with economics or finance. It is about your passion and will that count, so do not hesitate to try! You will love it!



AMC Supervisor Ms. Ordonez and RA Jera        


My Dear Intern Colleagues from GraSPP