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Oranart Wannapinyo (Financial Services Agency, Summer 2014) October 07, 2014

Financial Services Agency

Oranart Wannapinyo
Internship Report on Financial Services Agency (FSA)
16-25 September 2014

One day in May, I got an e-mail from GrasPP faculty, who informed me the opportunity to be internship at Financial Services Agency (FSA) in Japan during 16-25 September 2014. Without any hesitation, I accepted this opportunity and I become the first batch of international internship (for non-Japanese) at Asian Financial Partnership Center (AFPAC), FSA.

As we already known, FSA is leading organization in planning financial systems in Japan, through the inspection and supervision of private financial institutions and monitoring of securities transactions based on transparent and fair administration. During my internship, I received assignment regarding to Bank Supervision and Resolution system in Thailand, which required me to make a presentation around 45 minutes (included Q&A 15 minutes) on the last day of internship program.

Day by day, time flies. Even it’s quite a short time to be internship here but I gain invaluable experience from visiting many places and directly listening from experts at FSA, Bank of Japan (BOJ), Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research and so forth. I was impressed by getting chances to ask them practical questions in my mind. Also the presenter could give me very clear answer in the most understandable way.

Moreover, FSA staff invited us to join for lunch and dinner during the internship program. That’s another good way to make us know many people in variety of works; we can exchange view, have good talk and build the network among us. In fact, they are informal meeting but very effective, in term of communication and it’s one of the most impressive things that I have with FSA.

Last but not least, on the last day of internship program, FSA prepared certificate of completion and gave to interns in the closing ceremony. It’s simple ceremony but make extraordinary result in order to make us realize about their thoughtfulness and concern. At the end of the day, FSA staffs walked and sent us at the train station, it’s quite long good bye, we all felt sad and then we said “No good bye because we will keep in touch, somewhere somehow we will meet again, we believe so”.