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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

Khaliun Dovchinsuren (ERINA, Winter 2020) March 26, 2020


The following are the main jobs that I was involved in during my internship at ERINA.

  1. Presenter at FLP

The host institution ERINA intended to hold a NICE conference on February 5th and 6th, yet, it was postponed due to coronavirus spread. Instead of that, the Future Leaders Program, the final presentation contest among the students on the future scenario of North East Asia in Niigata-shi, was held on February 6th. I had an opportunity to present my experience as a foreign student in Japan at the end of the program.

  1. Short article for ERINA Report Plus

Short article on the Mongolian business cycle since 2010 was prepared. This will be published on ERINA Report Plus which contains economic trends for Northeast Asian countries and published each month.

  1. Research of Mongolian Input-output table

I worked on the Mongolian Input-output table which describes the sale and purchase relationships between producers and consumers within an economy. The input coefficient, total backward and forward linkage index are computed to analyze the most effective and sensitive industries in the Mongolian economy. It was my first time exploring these methods, therefore the comments and advice from my supervisor were very useful to proceed with the analysis.

  1. Others: translating documents, participating workshop

I worked on several documents that needed to be translated from Japanese to Mongolian or Mongolian to Japanese as the host institution and my supervisor are involved in several projects going on in Mongolia.

Not only that this internship gently covered my academic interest and helpful to consider multidisciplinary perspectives in my research plan, but it also contributed to developing the practical skills that would enable me to enhance my career development in the field of economic research.

Visiting the institution in person, meeting researchers of different nationalities and academic backgrounds, and receiving valuable comments and feedbacks were a great experience for me to nurture communication ability and network others in the field. I appreciate that my supervisor allowed me to present my results and research at the workshop where I received valuable comments and feedback from other researchers. Although the time was limited, I wish I could have started conversation and discussion with other researchers and staffs working at the host institution more.