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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

S1S2 Intensive Course “Area Politics A (Politics in Eastern Europe)” April 14, 2016

Lectuer: Jason Wittenberg
School of Law Bldg S.Law 404(Tue)
School of Law Bldg S.Law 304(Thu)


■May 31th (Tue)     
 8:30-10:15       Class1
■June 2th (Thu)
14:55-16:40       Class2
16:50-18:35          Class3
■June 7th (Tue)
8:30-10:15       Class4
■June 9th (Thu)
14:55-16:40       Class5
16:50-18:35          Class6
■June 14th (Tue)
8:30-10:15       Class7
■June 16th (Thu)
14:55-16:40       Class8
16:50-18:35          Class9
■June 21th (Tue)
8:30-10:15       Class10
■June 23th (Thu)
14:55-16:40       Class11
16:50-18:35          Class12         
■June 28th (Tue)
8:30-10:15       Class13
■June 30th (Thu)
14:55-16:40       Class14
16:50-18:35          Class15