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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

Application for Certificate of Completion for the University-wide Education Program for those completing the course in September April 27, 2016

Courses for AY 2016

Undergraduate level

  • Gerontology Education Program
  • Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Media Content Program
  • Barrier-Free Education
  • Education Program for Death and Life Studies and Applied Ethics
  • Global Japan Studies Program
  • Program for Human Integrative Science and Education of Mind



Graduate level

  • Japan-Asia Studies Program
  • Interdisciplinary Education Program on Ocean Science and Policy
  • Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Digital Humanities
  • Science, Technology and Innovation Governance Education Program


Students who will be graduating from university or completing graduate school in this September (including those who have completed the term of the doctorate program) will be issued with a Certification of Completion for the above listed programs, if they have satisfied all the necessary requirements and have completed the required application processes.





Even if you have applied for a Certification of Completion in the last academic year or earlier, a certificate will not be issued unless you complete the application in the above mentioned period. If you wish to graduate/complete graduate school in this September, please make sure to complete all the necessary applications.

Please note that even if application is made, if you do not satisfy all the requirements for the program completion, or you fail to graduate/complete graduate school, a Certificate of Completion will not be issued.