Introduction to Economics


CHOI, Yun Jeong
HOSEN, Mitsuo


Winter Semester; Tue.; Time slot #2 and Thu.; Time slot #2


This course introduces you to the basic economic tools for public policy analysis. It will cover both microeconomics and macroeconomics. In each topic, we review the theory and also present applications and policies with real-world examples. Students need not have previously taken economics, though it is advantageous to have done so. Some of high school level mathematics and graph based reasoning will be used.

The course website will be announced in the class. Class handouts and problem sets will be posted in the course website. Students are required to print them out from the course website before attending the class.

Course materials

For microeconomics, students can refer to either (i) Varian, H. Intermediate microeconomics: a modern approach, 6th ed, New York, London : Norton, c2003 or (ii) Friedman, L.S. The Microeconomics of Public Policy Analysis, Princeton University Press.
For macroeconomics, students can refer to Mankiw, G. Macroeconomics, 6th ed, Worth Publishers.


Exams and Problem sets

Other resources