Cross-Strait Relations


MATSUDA, Yasuhiro


Winter Semester; Fri.; Time slot #3


The aim of this seminar is to introduce and analyze the political history of Taiwan and the Cross-Strait relations, or relations across the Taiwan Strait. It will seek to identify core issues on Taiwan and the Cross-Strait relations from dimensions of history, politics, economy, international relations and regional security. The main requirement for this seminar is a research presentation on a topic to be agreed upon in consultation with the instructor. All the students who are interested in politics and international relations in East Asia are welcome.

Grades will be determined according to each student's general class participation and performance of presentation. Lecture, presentation, and discussion will be done in English.

The class schedule is the following:
1) Introduction
2) Geography, People and Pre-Modern History
3) Japanese Colonial Period
4) February 28th Incident
5) Chinese Civil War and Division of China
6) Taiwan Strait Crises and US-ROC Alliance
7) Sino-US Rapprochement and Isolation of Taiwan
8) PRC's Peaceful Unification Policy and Political Liberalization in Taiwan
9) Democratization in Taiwan and New Mainland Policy
10) Identity Politics in Taiwan and Its Impacts on the Cross-Strait Relations
11) Military Balance between the PRC and Taiwan
12) Political Economy over the Taiwan Strait
13) Japan-US-PRC-Taiwan Relations

Course materials

Textbook: Deny Roy, Taiwan: A Political History, Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2003.

Reference list will be delivered at the first class.


Class participation and performance of presentation.

Other resources