US-Japan Relations in Global Perspectives


Michael Auslin


Winter Semester; From Sep. 24 to Oct. 5


1. Global Trends and Challenges from the 20th to the 21st Centuries
2. U.S.-Japan Relations in the Context of America's Global History
3. U.S.-Japan Relations in the Context of Japan's Global History
4. A Brief History of U.S.-Japan Cultural Relations and the Development of Global Cultural Relations in the 19th and 20th Centuries
5. The U.S.-Japan Alliance and Future Security in Asia
6. The Role of the U.S.-Japan Alliance in the Asian Maritime Domain
7. U.S.-Japan-China Relations: Key Political, Economic, and Security Issues
8. New Political Alignments in Japan and the United States: What Will Be the Effect on U.S.-Japan Relations?
9. Global Economic Trends and U.S.-Japan Relations
10. Japan and America Between Asia and the West: A History of the 21st Century

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