Case Study (Japanese Foreign Economic Policy)


IIDA, Keisuke


Winter Semester; Wed.; Time slot #4,5


The goal of this course is to explain how Japan's foreign economic policy is made and where its characteristics come from. This course is primarily intended for international students wanting to understand the political and economic underpinnings of Japan's foreign economic policy, but it will be also useful for students who may practice foreign economic policy in their professional life or who may have to cope with or help shape governmental foreign economic policy in the private sector. The course will be conducted entirely in English and therefore, high proficiency in oral communication in English is a prerequisite.

Part 1. Theory and history
Part 2. Issues
Money and finance
Part 3. International Relations
US-Japan relations
EU-Japan relations
Asia-Japan relations

Week 1: Introduction
Week 2: Theory
Week 3: History
Week 4: Trade I
Week 5: Trade II
Week 6: Money
Week 7: Finance
Week 8: Development
Week 9: Environment
Week 10: US-Japan Relations
Week 11: EU-Japan Relations

Course materials

To be announced.


Grades will be based on class participation and writing assignments.

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