Takatoshi Ito

Courses in 2013

Education & Employment

  • 1973    M.A. Economics, Hitotsubashi University
  • 1979    Ph.D. in economics at Harvard University
  • 1979    Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
  • 1986    Associate Professor (with tenure), University of Minnesota
  • 1991    Professor, Hitotsubashi University
  • 1992    Visiting Professor, Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government
  • 1994-97    Senior Advisor, International Monetary Fund, Research Department
  • 1999-01    Deputy Vice Minister for International Affaires at Ministry of Finance, Japan
  • 2001     Professor at Hitotsubashi University
  • 2002-04    Professor at Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology
  • 2003-    Professor at Graduate School of Economics
  • 2004-    Professor at Graduate School of Public Policy
  • 2006-08    Prime Minister's Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy, Japanese Government
  • 2010-12    Vice Dean at Graduate School of Public Policy
  • 2012-    Dean at Graduate School of Public Policy

Research Fields

  • International Finance
  • Open Macroeconomics
  • Japanese Economy

Major Publications

  • Japanese Economy (MIT Press, 1992)
  • A Vision for the World Economy (with Robert Z. Lawrence and Albert Bressand, Brookings Institution, 1996)
  • The Political Economy of Japanese Monetary Policy (with Thomas F. Cargill and Michael M. Hutchison, MIT Press, 1997)
  • Financial Policy and Central Banking in Japan (with Thomas F. Cargill and Michael M.Hutchison, MIT Press, 2001)
  • Inflating targeting in Asia (with Tomoko Hayashi, Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research, 2004)

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