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NOTICE: Regarding Thesis for 2013 Summer Semester

This schedule is for Thesis for Exam in Summer Semester, AY 2013.

1) Six credit points will be conferred upon passing the final oral examination.
2) The thesis can only be written during the second year of the degree.
3) The paper must be written under the academic supervision of a faculty member. Faculty members from the following faculties can become academic supervisors:
  * Professors, associate professors, and visiting professors from the Graduate School of Public Policy, the Graduate School of Law and Politics, the Graduate School of Economics, the Graduate Schools of Arts and Science, the Institute of Social Sciences, etcetera, who also teach a class at GraSPP in the current academic year.
  * Research lecturers, lecturers of endowed subjects, and part-time lecturers are not permitted to be academic advisors.
Please refer to the Thesis academic supervisor list for a list of faculty members who are able to become supervisors.

  • List of Academic Instructors in charge of Thesis 2013 Summer Semester (PDF, 213KB)

4) Students who intend to write a Thesis must first gain the consent of a faculty member from the Thesis academic supervisor list to become their academic advisor. Upon gaining consent students must submit a Thesis enrollment form bearing the seal of their academic advisor in the end of November. After submitting the aforementioned form, students may begin work on their thesis under the supervision of their academic advisor.
5) Students must decide upon their title and submit a Thesis Title Report in late March, 2013.
6) Final submission of Thesis is in late May, 2013.
7) The Thesis should have an approximate character count of no more than 100,000 characters (Japanese) and 35,000 words (English). Students must gain permission in advance from their academic advisor if they believe that their Thesis will exceed these limits.
8) The Thesis will be registered as a six credit point class upon enrollment. Please be aware that these six credit points will still be included in a student's annual credit point total (maximum 38 per annum) even if the student does not submit a Thesis (please refer to the Graduate School of Public Policy regulations, Article 11, Section 2). No registration in UT mate is required.
9) Below are the deadlines from enrollment through to submission:

Enrollment Period:Mon. 26 Nov. - Fri. 30 Nov.
Title Report Period:Mon. 25 Mar., 2013 - Fri. 29 Mar.
Final submission (striclty observed):by 4 p.m. Thu. 23 May, 2013
Oral Examination:Mon. 22 Jul., 2013 - Wed. 24 Jul.




指導教員となり得る教員は、本教育部の授業科目を担当する、本教育部及び他研究科等(法学政治学研究科、経済学研究科、総合文化研究科、 新領域創成科学研究科、社会科学研究所等)の教授、准教授、客員教授及び客員准教授です。 特任教員、寄附講座教員及び非常勤講師は指導教員となることができません。

研究論文を履修しようとする学生は、まず、自己の指導教員となることを希望する教員から承諾を得た後、 11月下旬の研究論文履修登録期間に、指導教員の押印を得た上で、「研究論文履修届」を提出しなければなりません。 提出後、指導教員の指導の元、論文の作成を進めてください。

なお、研究論文履修届を提出した時点で、授業科目の単位(6単位)として登録されます(UT-mate の手続きは不要)。 もし研究論文を提出できなくなった場合でも、履修登録単位として残り、授業科目の年間履修登録上限38単位に 算入される(教育部規則第11条第2項参照)ので注意してください。



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