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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

For PhD students For PhD students

Process and Internal Rules for awarding a PhD degree

  • Process and Internal Rules for awarding a PhD degree are as follows:
・1-1 博士の学位審査に関する内規 (JP: 226KB)
・1-2 Internal Regulations for the Assessment and Award of Doctor of Philosophy (EN: 57KB)
・2-1  「博士の学位審査に関する内規」についての申合わせ事項 学生周知用(一部抜粋)(JP: 236KB)
・2-2 Agreement on the Internal Regulations for the Assessment and Award of Doctor of Philosophy – excerpt for students – (EN: 57KB)
・3-1 博士課程修了までの流れ (JP: 337KB)
・3-2 Process of Award of Doctor of Philosophy (EN: 781KB)
・Format for Proposal Review (as of 25 January, 2018) (JP: 45KB)

Guidelines for Thesis submitted by PhD Candidates

  • Please make sure of rules and regulations related scientific research when writing theses. Students are requested to read carefully the following guidelines.
  • 論文執筆の際は下記ガイドライン等を熟読し、研究倫理について遺漏のないようにすること。
  • 1. Guidelines for Thesis Submission <To be Implemented in AY2022>
    (JP: 348KB, Separate documents Zip 3MB) / (EN: 223KB , Separate documents Zip 2MB)
  • 2. Code of Conduct for Research(294KB)
  • 3. Guide for Doctorate Theses and Copyrights(1.32MB)
  • 4‐1. Guidelines for Writing Academic Papers, Graduate School of Public Policy (JP: 517KB) , (EN: 124KB)
  • For reference purposes:
    4-2. Guidelines for Theses, Graduate Schools for Law and Politics (JP: 401KB) , (EN: 258KB)
    4-3. Guidelines for Theses, Graduate School of Economics (JP: 436KB) , (EN: 299KB)

Documents to be Submitted for the Doctoral Thesis

  • Candidates who intend to obtain permission from their supervisor to conduct the Final Review should also prepare the following documents.
  • Final Reviewの実施について指導教員の許可を得ようとしている者は、下記の書類についても準備をしておくこと。
Items to be Submitted Before the Final Review
  • Title of Doctoral Thesis / 論文題目届 (20KB)
  • Sample of Thesis Summary / 論文の内容の要旨の例 (24KB)
  • Résumé / 履歴書 (EN: 28KB) , (JP: 39KB)
  • Thesis Table of Contents / 論文目録 (EN: 27KB) , (JP: 30KB)
  • Statement of Commitment / 誓約書 (22KB)
  • Letter of Consent and Acceptance / 同意承諾書 (EN: 36KB) , (JP: 35KB)
Items to be Submitted After the Final Review
  • Sample of First Page of PDF File of the Doctoral Thesis / 博士論文PDF表紙の例 (21KB)
  • Checklist for Web-Based Publication of Doctoral Thesis / 博士論文のインターネット公表に関する確認票 (EN: 24KB) , (JP: 35KB)
  • Application for Publication of Thesis under Special Circumstances / 博士論文公表方法に関する特例申請書 (EN: 18KB) , (JP: 32KB)
  • Letter of Authorization / 許諾書 (EN: 33KB) , (JP: 32KB)
  •  製本論文複製許諾書 / Letter of authorization for copy (22KB) (English sample: 596KB)