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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

S1S2「Case Study (Public-Private Partnerships)」(5140488) (5179002) 2017年04月14日(金)

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Case Study (Public-Private Partnerships) Course No. 5140488/5179002 | S1/S2 2017

  • Day 2 class will be held on Saturday, April 15 in period 3 (13:00-14:45) in Room 710, Administration Bureau Building 2.
  • The lecture will focus on key concepts needed to understand financing aspects of PPPs, such as equity, debt, debt-to-equity ratio, leverage, project finance, special purpose vehicle, non-recourse, limited recourse, cash flows, ring-fenced, debt service, cascade, internal rate of return, and payback period. Before the class, please read pages 17-28 and 49-63 of World Bank et al. 2014 (Reading 01). You could downloadable the material from [].
  • Also, please provide your background information as well as your motivation to take this course by filling out a form posted on the student bulletin board or made available upon request by the course TA, Mr. Amir Zhusupov ( The completed form should be submitted by e-mail to Mr. Zhusupov with cc to Nishizawa ( before 10:00 on Saturday, April 15. To help me (and Mr. Zhusupov as well) not to miss your incoming e-mails, please start the subject line with 5140488 when you send e-mails.