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Research theme in fiscal 2011

Business Development and Green Innovation

Overview and Objective

In the seminars, we discuss and research various influences of global warming countermeasures to industries, the possibility of business development, and the options of environmental policies. We aim to draw out the implication for the energy, environmental business, and environmental policies to reinforce the energy security in Japan.


20 June: 1st Seminar
Theme: Introduction

25 July: 2nd Seminar
Theme: Long Term Energy Supply & Demand/ Clean Energy after the Great East Japan Earthquake

25-26 September: 3rd Seminar
Theme: The Green Innovation in Auto Industry/ The Green Innovation in Gas Industry

25 October: 4 th Seminar
Theme: Emission Trading Business

22 November: 5th Seminar
Theme: International Approach for Technical Transfer of Power

24 January: 6th Seminar
Theme: Recent Trends of Global Warming Countermeasures

13 February: 7th Seminar
Theme: Efforts of Companies in Oil & Gas Sector