You can find each building number on the Hongo Campus Map (PDF file) from the above link.


[Bldg.9] Administration Bureau Bldg.2

7F: Ad 704 (Seminar Room 1), Ad 708 (Seminar Room 2), Ad 710 (Seminar Room 3)
6F: Ad 623 (Seminar Room 7), Ad 625 (Seminar Room 8), Ad 610 (Ad Conf.), GraSPP Graduate School Office, Study Halls, Lockers

第2本部棟 MAP

7F: Ad 704(演習室1), Ad 708(演習室2), Ad 710(演習室3)
6F: Ad 623(演習室7), Ad 625(演習室8), Ad 610(会議室2), GraSPP Graduate School Office(公共政策大学院係事務室), Study Hall(自習室), Lockers(学生ロッカー)

[31] Faculty of Law & Letters Bldg. 1

4F: Law A1, Law A2, Law A3, Law A4, Law A5, Law A6, Law B1, Law B2, Law B3, Law B4, Law B5, Law B6
3F: Law 19, Law 26, Law 27, Law B7
1F: Law 21, Law 22

法文1号館 MAP

4F: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6
3F: Law 19, Law 26, Law 27, B7
1F: Law 21, Law 22

[36] School of Law Bldg.

4F: S.Law 401, S.Law 402, S.Law 403, S.Law 404
3F: S. Law 301, S. Law 303, S. Law 304, S. Law 305
2F: S. Law 201, S. Law 203, S. Law 204
1F: S. Law 101, S. Law 102

[35] General Research Bldg. (in Yayoi Section)

5F: Y2, Y505

[40] Economics Research Bldg.

4F: Ec Lab
3F: Ec 2, Ec 3, Ec 4
2F: Ec 202s - 204s
B1: Ec 1

[38] Akamon General Research Bldg.

3F: Ec 10s, Ec 11s, Study Hall, Lockers
2F: Ec 6
1F: Ec 7, Ec 3s - 8s, Ec 13s
B1: Ec 8, Ec 9, Ec 1s, Ec 2s

[41] Economics Research Annex (Kojima Hall)

2F: Kojima Conf.

[45] Medical Library

3F: MedLib 333

[69] Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

(West Bldg.) 6F: PhW 607
* The way to get to the PhW 607 (PDF, 641KB)

[75] Faculty of Engineering Bldg.2

10F: Eng2EleCon5(101B)
1F: Eng2-211, Eng2-212

[76] Faculty of Engineering Bldg.3

1F: Eng3-114, Eng3-113

[87] Faculty of Engineering Bldg.14

4F: Eng14-429

[99] ex. Faculty of Science Bldg.1 (East)

4F: ex. Sci 450
1F: ex. Sci 150

[100] Faculty of Science Bldg.1 (Center)

9F: Sci1 936

[101] Faculty of Science Bldg.1 (West)

7F: Sci1 710

[51] Faculty of Medicine Experimental Research Bldg.

13F: Med SPH, Med 6 seminar

[46] Faculty of Medicine Bldg.3

1F: N101

[130] Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia

3F: IASA Main Conf., IASA 1st Conf., IASA 2nd Conf.

[131] Institute of Social Science

3F: ISS 308(2nd Conf.)

[137] Information Technology Center (in Asano Section)

1F: ECCS1 (Dai-enshushitsu 1), ECCS2 (Dai-enshushitsu 2)

[30] Ito International Research Center

3F: Seminar Room
B1: Gallery 1

法学政治学系総合教育棟 MAP

4F: S.Law 401, S.Law 402, S.Law 403, S.Law 404
3F: S.Law 301, S.Law 303, S.Law 304, S.Law 305
2F: S.Law 201, S.Law 203, S.Law 204
1F: S.Law 101, S.Law 102


5F: Y2, Y505

経済学研究科棟 MAP

4F: Ec Lab(経ラボ)
3F: Ec 2(第2教室), Ec 3(第3教室), Ec 4(第4教室)
2F: Ec 202s(202演習室)- Ec 204s(204演習室)
B1: Ec 1(第1教室)

赤門総合研究棟 MAP

3F: Ec 10s(第10演習室), Ec 11s(第11演習室), Study Hall(自習室), Lockers(学生ロッカー)
2F: Ec 6(第6教室)
1F: Ec 7(第7教室), Ec 3s(第3演習室)- Ec 8s(第8演習室), Ec 13s(第13演習室)
B1: Ec 8(第8教室), Ec 9(第9教室), Ec 1s(第1演習室), Ec 2s(第2演習室)

経済学研究科学術交流棟・小島ホール MAP

2F: Kojima Conf.(小島コンファレンスルーム)

薬学部 MAP

西館6F: PhW 607
 ※ PhW 607への行き方(PDF, 641KB

旧理学部1号館 MAP

4F: ex. Sci 450(450室)
1F: ex. Sci 150(150室)

理学部1号館 MAP

中央棟9F: Sci1 936(936号室)
西棟7F: Sci1 710(710号室)

工学部2号館 MAP

10F: Eng2EleCon5(電気系会議室5(101B))
1F: Eng2-211(211号講義室), Eng2-212(212号講義室)

工学部3号館 MAP

1F: Eng3-114(セミナー室2), Eng3-113(セミナー室3)

医学部教育研究棟 MAP

13F: Med 6 seminar(第6セミナー室), Med SPH(公共健康医学専攻講義室)

医学部3号館 MAP

1F: N101

東洋文化研究所 MAP

3F: IASA Main Conf.(大会議室), IASA 1st Conf.(第1会議室), IASA 2nd Conf.(第2会議室)

社会科学研究所 MAP

3F: ISS 308(第二会議室)


1F: ECCS1(大演習室1), ECCS2(大演習室2)

伊藤国際学術研究センター MAP

3F: Seminar Room(中教室)
B1: Gallery 1(ギャラリー1)