The Graduate School of Public Policy (GraSPP) at the University of Tokyo established in June 2022 a Strategic Communications Education and Research Unit for conducting research and education on Strategic Communications. The Unit organizes programmes for teaching, academic and policy research, and professional seminars and engagement sessions on Strategic Communications, including the following:

  • European Union-supported education and research programme (academic courses, practitioner engagement, and research on ‘Ambiguity as Strategic Communications Praxis’ (forthcoming June 2023)
  • Executive Course on Strategic Communications [社会人講座]
  • JSPS-funded international comparative study of the systems and institutions of strategic communications and countermeasures against FIMI (foreign information manipulation and interference) [戦略的コミュニケーションと外国干渉・情報操作(FIMI)対応の国際制度比較]
  • Public Seminars