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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo



CAMPUS Asia Summer School, Tokyo 2013

Shuqi Wang


It is really hard for me to write a Campus Asia Summer School essay because I have so many feelings want to express and share. From the beginning of this program to the farewell party, I have experienced what I haven’t thought before, not only the knowledge and insight, but also the preciousness friendship and the deep thinking of my future career.

Even though we only have two-week courses in the University of Tokyo with students come from UT and SUN, the other two top universities of East Asia, we have many lectures, discussions and group work. There were six professors with different backgrounds and academic focus who gave us a whole understanding of East Asia relations as well as some specific topic, such as the economic cooperation, the North Korea nuclear weapon, the historical issues and territorial disputes. In sum, discussions among us have contained all aspects of East Asia relations, the Sino-Japan-South Korea relations. What I want to put forward is the arrangement of group discussion in the first week, professors have divided all the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans into separated team, and every team is consisted of a Chinese, a Japanese and a Korean with a topic. We have to meet each other after the class and discuss the topic, and then assigned tasks by ourselves. From my perspective, this is a very good way to let students from different countries to communicate deeply. Our team has discussed not only the topic itself but also our life experiences these days, which made us become good friends after the first week.

Expect the class time, we have tried our best to experience Japan by ourselves. China and Japan are so closed to each other, but for ordinary people, there are still a lot of misunderstanding and misconceptions among them. I think the best ways to eliminate these misconceptions are making friends with opposite countries and went to see the countries by themselves. 15 days in Tokyo are a wonderful experience for me. I still remembered the first day we arrived in Japan. I was surprised by the speed of the skyliner and the complicated lines of trains. And the University of Tokyo has organised some field trip which expands our vision on Japan. I really appreciate it.

I have planned to continue my research after my graduation from PKU in the future, and this especial experiences in Japan gave me an opportunity to understand not only the academic studies but also my weakness in the research, which my become the pluse for me to my future career.

In the end, I want to say how lucky I am that I could meet a group of friendly and kindly staffs and TAs of Todai. From the standard of living to the educational environment, Todai has tried its best to provide us many help to enjoy this program in Japan. I cannot have such a wonderful experience without their help. I will come back to Japan in the next month. I am looking forward to seeing my old friends who I met in this summer school and hope to continue our friendship for a long time.