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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

About the Program

About the Program

Program Goal

NOTICE: This page regards the CAMPUS Asia program. Information of “CAMPUS Asia Plus” program adopted in November 2021 will be announced soon.

Asia— a region expanding their global presence We nurture next-generation world leaders who can deepen understanding of the region and confront complex global issues

Coming up now for almost 30 years from the end of the Cold War, it feels as if world history is once more entering a new phase. The signs include moves to halt and reverse the shifts toward globalization and regional integration, and great powers choosing to ignore international law and impose changes through the exercise of force. Any country cannot single-handedly solve global-scale issues such as security problems, environmental concerns and economic stability. Because meaningful solutions can only be achieved through collaboration, the ability to establish trust relations with other countries is crucial. It takes a group of talented individuals to help establish meaningful trust relations in face of continuing global-scale problems, thus making those who possess a deep understanding of other countries’ culture and customs with flawless communication and problem-solving skills in high demand. CAMPUS Asia Program trains participants to become East Asian experts by providing participants the superb opportunity to learn the cultural perspective of Japan, China and South Korea and to gain expertise in public policy and international relations. By providing opportunities to witness the realities of the three East Asian countries, participants gain practical skills that cannot be achieved by studies alone. The Program is also designed to establish an environment where the top-class students from Japan, China and South Korea will interact with one another. We envision a future where CAMPUS Asia students will create a network that will positively contribute to the global society.

Nurturing human resources

Policy makers who can accurately understand global issues and respond to those issues by formulating, implementing, and evaluating policies
International human resources who attain multicultural perspectives and advanced English skill in order to play an active role as forming agreements and transmitting information
One who can promote cooperation in politics, economics, culture and human exchange between Japan, China and South Korea, with a multicultural perspective and can play an active role as Asian leadership pioneers in the fields of public policy and international relations