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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

Student Reports

Student Reports

CAMPUS Asia Report

Danni Yang

How time flies! It is hard to believe that the one-year life in Tokyo has already finished. As a member of the CAMPUS Asia Program, I started my study as a double degree student at GraSPP from September 2017. Before coming to Todai, I learned international politics and history at Peking University, focusing on East Asia since undergraduate, especially Sino-Japan relations. Due to my great curiosity about Japan and respect to Todai, I applied to the CAMPUS Asia Program two years ago.

During the year, I took 8 classes and 28 credits in Todai. What impressed me most was that a large proportion of professors of GraSPP had rich working experience in related areas. The professors combined theoretical knowledge and practical experience well and their lectures were inspiring. I am grateful that I took Professor Hayashi Tomoko’s course, which gave me a general idea of Japan’s macroeconomic policy and its formation. Professor Nishizawa Toshiro’s Finance and Development in Emerging Economics made me find my interest in the study of development, especially infrastructure. Professor Iizuka Toshiaki’s microeconomic course was very clear and logical, helping me have a better understanding of the thinking method of economics. Professor Nose Manabu is kind and helpful, and I learned a lot from his statistic class. Apart from these fantastic classes, I also learned a lot from CAMPUS Asia Joint Course. Staffs of GraSPP Office were so kind and efficient that I could get useful information and help at once.

One of my favorite parts of GraSPP is the diversity of students. The diversity lies not only on nationalities, but also on backgrounds and careers. This multi-cultural atmosphere enabled me to know different perspectives could be upon one topic. GraSPP is just like a mini United Nations, where I could deepen my understanding on Japan as well as other countries all around the world. With other CAMPUS Asia students, we always discussed current global affairs, hung out together and searched for tasty dishes in Tokyo. My CAMPUS Asia friends helped me a lot, including language learning, daily life and answering my questions about their countries—Japan and Korea. The study trips to Nagano and Okinawa strengthened our friendship. The friendship I gained here is my most valuable wealth in my life. After this semester, I will go to Seoul National University as the third stop of CAMPUS Asia Program. Several friends of mine are going to Beijing in the following semester and I really hope that they could spend a wonderful time at my school.

As an amateur of travelling, I enjoy experiencing different life styles of different places. Living in Tokyo and travelling to other places in Japan made me gain more specific and comprehensive acknowledge of Japan. When I chatted with local people, I always been treated well as a student of Todai. Mutual trust is based on mutual understanding. Thanks to CAMPUS Asia Program, I gained valuable chances to know Japan from my own experience. In this one whole year, I gained valuable knowledge, precious friendship and unique experiences. All of them combined will become one of my most unforgettable memories. I really appreciate everyone I met here. I am so grateful that I made my decision to join CAMPUS Asia Program and to study at GraSPP as a double degree student.

Thank you all.

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