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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

Student Reports

Student Reports

Life in Todai

Na Tae Woong

My life in Todai undoubtedly was an once-in-a-life experience with full of enjoyable moments and academic stimulations. As a participant of CAMPUS Asia program who spent one semester in Todai, I had a privilege to have several opportunities not only to develop more in-depth knowledge towards Japan and China through a series of informative lectures and constructive discussions, but also to socialize and build understandings with other friends in the same program. In this context, I would like to briefly share what I learned and subjectively felt through this valuable and unforgettable experience in Japan as a CAMPUS Asia program participant.

              First of all, the very first thing came into my mind when I thought about my life in Todai is its people. I’m so grateful to get to know such a nice and smart people in Todai. Especially, I remember staff members in administration office were always very kind and considerate since my arrival at Tokyo. Professors I encountered in class were also all well-prepared and enthusiastic in delivering lectures. Through these lectures, I was be able to build more understandings regarding my research interests, thus further developing my research. Lastly, the fellow students were the ones who gave me a lot of insights and stimulations. I could learn various different perspectives from students from diverse backgrounds, not to mention having lots of fun with them.

              Secondly, I enjoyed an opportunity to learn Japanese while staying in Japan. Since Todai offered various chances to learn Japanese with quality language classes, cultural events, language exchange program, most of CAMPUS Asia participants including myself had a great chance to learn Japanese by participating in these events whenever we want. For me, I tried to make the most of opportunities to learn Japanese by participating in Todai’s aforementioned programs. I took the course offered by Engineering School and had language exchange once a week with one of the Todai fellow students. As a result, I was able to enhance my language skills a lot and this substantially helped me in developing more in-depth knowledge and understandings about Japan and its people.

              Lastly, CAMPUS Asian Joint Course and programs included in the course such as field trip to the city of Hiroshima and special lectures helped me a lot in broadening my narrow perspectives and experiences. Professors from Peking University, Seoul National University, and Todai with their own special fields of study gave us lectures, and we had several chances to have constructive and active in-class discussion related to the issues. This experience actually provided me with lots of insightful lessons and chances to see different perspectives among Chinese, Japanese, and Korean students who seemingly share many similarities. Not only that, the field trip to Hiroshima and personal trips to places like Hokkaido, Hakone, Yokohama, Mt.Fuji, etc. all gave me certain lessons and joy.  

              To sum up, I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful opportunity to have priceless experiences and good people while staying in Japan. Undoubtedly, this valuable experience was one important academic enrichment and would be a great help for further developing my future research. Thank you all for kind considerations during the stay. I definitely would love to come back to Japan in the near future.