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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

GraSPPers Voice GraSPPers Voice

Remaining closely tied to GraSPP as a President of the GraSPP Alumni Association

Sandeep Rajgopal (from Germany)

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Purpose of enrolling in GraSPP

As I had received an education entirely in Europe (Germany and UK) and I am of Indian origin, I wanted to broaden my horizons by acquiring a more Asian perspective in public policy. Therefore, when I heard that GraSPP had a Dual-Degree Programme with the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, where I was enrolled for my first year, I didn’t hesitate for a second in applying and enrolling in GraSPP.

Attractive/stimulating points about the school

I would summarize the stimulating points of GraSPP in three categories:
1) Classes; 2) Community and 3) Campus & City.

1) Classes

The breadth of classes offered was unprecedented in my academic career. This included but was not limited to foci such as money and banking, energy policy, environmental policy, human rights law, and diplomatic processes of trade agreements.

2) Community

Undoubtedly, one of GraSPP’s unique strengths is the community it offers. The diversity of the community, whether in gender, geography and/or thought, was one of the most enriching aspects of being part of the school. From “nomikais” to “hanami”, each gathering was always a pleasure and permitted me to build bonds that last to this day in the form of the vibrant alumni community.

3) Campus & City

Beyond the classroom, one also has the pleasure of walking around a truly picturesque campus and living in the terrific city of Tokyo!

Life post-GraSPP and gains from my time at the school

One of the greatest gains from my time at GraSPP was the diversity of perspectives I was able to learn about from my professors and my peers. In my current role as Finance and Budget Officer at the United Nations, this is particularly essential, as intercultural communication and understanding realities very different from my own is essential to my daily work.
Additionally, as President of the GraSPP Alumni Association, I remain closely tied to the school. It is a testament to my fondness for GraSPP and the people I met there, that I have sought to remain connected to this extent, even though it has been almost a decade since I joined the school. The alumni network has also borne many a new friendship that I am genuinely grateful for.

Message to prospective students

Click on the “Admissions” tab above, check the requirements, collect your documents and apply!