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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

チェン ステイシー CHEN, Stacey

教授 / Professor チェン ステイシーCHEN, Stacey

Courses in AY 2021

  • 5113075 Econometrics for Public Policy
  • 5113085 Practice Session for Econometrics for Public Policy
  • 5123215 Contemporary Issues in Development Economics
  • 5170002 Project Seminar
  • 5171028 国際金融・開発研究:経済学系(Contemporary Issues in Development Economics)


Ph.D. of Economics, University of Rochester
Assistant Professor, University of New York at Albany
Assistant Professor, Royal Holloway University of London
Associate Research Fellow, Academia Sinica, Taipei
Associate Professor, GRIPS, Tokyo


労働、開発、健康経済学; 応用計量経済学

Chen, Stacey H., Hongwei Chuang, Jennjou Chen, and Tzu-Hsin Lin. “Physicians Treating Physicians: The Relational and Informational Advantages in Treatment and Survival.” Revised and Resubmitted, Journal of Labor Economics,


日本経済研究センター研究奨 (2021); 台湾経済研究賞 (2019); アカデミアシニカ キャリア開発賞 (2014)


Joint International Research (Kakenhi JP19K01670)


Chen, Stacey H., Yen-Chien Chen, and Jin-Tan Liu, (2019) "The Impact of Family Composition on Educational Achievement," Journal of Human Resources, 54(1): 122-170.

E. French, J. McCauley, M. Aragon, P. Bakx, Martin Chalkley, S.H. Chen, B. J. Christensen, H. Chuang, A. Cote-Sergent, M. De Nardi, D. Echevin, E. Fan, P. Geoffard, C. Gastaldi-Ménager, M. Gørtz, Y. Ibuka, N. Izumida, J. B. Jones, M. Kallestrup-Lamb, M. Karlsson, T. Klein, G. de Lagasnerie, P. Michaud, O. O’Donnell, Y. Ohtsu, N. Rice, J. Skinner, E. van Doorslaer N.R. Ziebarth, and E. Kelly, (2017). "End-of-Life Medical Spending In Last Twelve Months of Life Is Lower Than Previously," Health Affairs, 36(7): 1211-1217.

Chen, Stacey H. and Hongwei Chuang, (2016) "Recent Trend in Taiwanese Medical Spending," Fiscal Studies 37: 653–688.