Title Faculty Number Credit Note
Civil Law Foundation and Modern Issues H. Hirose
N. Higuchi
A. Koba
Y. Nishikawa
M. Iwamura
T. Araki
I. Nitta
T. Fujita
R. Yamamoto
H. Mitoma
Public Law Foundation and Modern Issues M. Kobayakawa
T. Hayashi
Theory of Policymaking and Control of Administrative Agencies K. Uga110302
Administrative Organization Law H. Koketsu110402
Public Finance LawM. Usui110502
Local Government Law H. Koketsu110602
Local Government Finance and Local TaxM. Usui110702
Tax Policy M. Nakazato110802
Legislation Politics T. Yamamoto110902P/T
Market and Law T. Fujita111002
Legal Process and Social Science S. Ota111102
Criminal PolicyT. Kawaide111202
Intellectual Property Policy H. Kato111302P/T
Fundamental Theory of International Law Y. Onuma111402
Theory and Practice of International Law Y. Onuma
H. Watanabe
International Law and Organization N. Okuwaki111602
International Economic Law Y. Iwasawa111702
International Human Rights LawY. Onuma
K. Teraya
The Legal Aspect of Globalization K. Ishiguro111902
Politics I M. Taniguchi120102
Politics IIK. Tanabe120202
Political Thought and Public PolicyT. Karube120302
Policy AnalysisK. Tanabe120402
Municipal Government & Administration T. Kanai120502
Public Management I A. Morita120602
Public Management II A. Konishi120702P/T
Political MethodologyJ. Kato120802
International AdministrationH. Shiroyama120902
International Political EconomyN. Hiwatari121002
International Conflict StudyK. Fujiwara121102
Intergovernmental Relations T. Kanai121202
Science, Technology and Public PolicyH. Shiroyama121302
Development Studies J. Sato121402
Policy ProcessK. Tanabe121502
Politics and Mass Media I S. Takahashi
M. Taniguchi
Politics in Modern Japan M. Taniguchi121702
Modern Japanese DiplomacyS. Kitaoka121802
Basic Microeconomics Y. J. Choi130104
Microeconomics J. Chen130204
Practice Session for Microeconomics J. Chen130301
Basic Macroeconomics M. Kasuya130404
MacroeconomicsS. Koibuchi130504
Practice Session for MacroeconomicsS. Koibuchi130601
Statistical MethodsI. Ishida130704
EconometricsH. Ichimura130804
Practice Session for EconometricsH. Ichimura130901
Economic Evaluation of Public PoliciesY. Kanemoto131004P/T
Practice Session for Economic Evaluation of Public PoliciesY. Kanemoto131101P/T
Competition Policy and Industrial Organization H. Ohashi131202
Regulation Policy T. Matsumura131302
Fiscal PolicyT. Ihori131402
Social Security Policy Y. Iwamoto131502
International Trade PolicyS. Urata131602
International Financial PolicyT. Ito131702
Monetary PolicyT. Ito
K. Ueda
Environmental Law H. Koketsu
M. Koyano
Financial Law S. Iwahara210302
Business CrimesH. Saeki210402
Public Philosophy and LawT. Inoue210502
Consumer Law PolicyH. Hirose210802
Labor Law Policy K. Hamaguchi210902P/T
Social Security Law Policy M. Iwamura
K. Shimazaki
Law and Economics IH. Kanda
T. Fujita
T. Matsumura
International Tax Law Y. Masui
Y. Miyazaki
International Environmental and Energy Law K. Nakatani211302
Law of the Sea, Outer Space and International Law of Airspace N. Okuwaki211402
Asia-Pacific International Law K. G. Lee211502
European Law Y. Ito211602
Comparative Law and Policy IA. Ebihara211702
Comparative Law and Policy II N. Higuchi211802
Jurisprudence of International Law A. Kotera212004
European Integration and Law Y. Ito212102
Business Taxation M. Nakazato
T. Yoneda
Theoretical Problems on the International Harmonization of Economic RegulationsJ. Nakagawa212302
Reception of German Legal Literature during Meiji-JapanA. Wani212402
Comparative Consumer LawH. Hirose212502
Nonprofit OrganizationsN. Yamauchi220102
Theory of International Politics A. Ishida220302
Politics and Mass Media II M. Taniguchi220502
Area Politics A(Contemporary Chinese Politics) A. Takahara220702
Area Politics A (Politics in Eastern Europe) N. Shiba220712
Area Politics B (Politics of the Modern Korea ) M. Kimiya220802
Area Politics B (Politics in Modern Latin America) K. Ohgushi220812
Area Politics B (Contemporary African Politics) M. Endo220822
Area Politics C (Current American Politics) T. Igarashi220902
Area Politics C (Contemporary French Politics) Y. Nakayama220912
U.S. Foreign Policy: Schools of Thought and Domestic Politics F. Kubo221002
Education Administration of a Local Education Board T. Kanai221102
Dectations of the Municipal Government Officers' Lectures T. Kanai221202
Industrial Technology Focused on Energy and Environment Technology M. Morokuzu
T. Suzuki
Labor PolicyY. Genda230102
Environmental Policy M. Yamaguchi
H. Kudo
Urban and Regional PolicyY. Kanemoto
M. Kawabata
K. Yamaguchi
Financial MarketI. Ishida230502
International Development Policy Y. Sawada230602
Government and Business L. Hannah230902
Health Policy Y. Iwamoto231202
Emperical Market Microstructure J. Chen231302
Macroeconomics and Monetary PolicyT. Ito
K. Ueda
Risk Management and Public PolicyY. Kanemoto
R. Hayashi
I. Ishida
M. Saito
N. Adachi
Public Policy Workshop 2006 Y. Kanemoto
A. Morita
R. Hayashi
Basic Policy Analysis and Planning A. Konishi300102P/T
Negotiation and Consensus BuildingK. Fujiwara
H. Shiroyama
H. Koizumi
M. Horita
Social Research Methods H. Ishida300302P/T
International Law in Diplomatic Practice H. Oe300402P/T
Structural Reform of the Japanese Economy 1 (Policy Perspective)R. Hayashi300502P/T
Structural Reform of the Japanese Economy 2 (Policy-Making Process)R. Hayashi300602P/T
Case Study (Legal Policy I) A. Konishi400104P/T
Case Study (Legal Policy II) T. Yamamoto400204P/T
Case Study (Legal Policy III) T. Yamamoto400304P/T
Case Study (Modern Administration I) A. Morita400404
Case Study (Modern Administration II)K. Tanabe400504
Case Study (Modern Administration III) T. Kanai400604
Case Study (Environment/Technology Policy 1)H. Shiroyama
T. Suzuki
Case Study (Foreign Policy I) H. Tanaka400904P/T
Case Study (Foreign Policy II) H. Tanaka401004P/T
Case Study (International Law I)J. Nakagawa
A. Tamura
Case Study (International Political Economy)N. Hiwatari401404
Case Study (International Politics) K. Fujiwara
Y. Funabashi
Case Study (International Politics and the Press) F. Kubo
M. Ikuma
Case Study (Digital Government and Business Process Re-engineering)H. Shiroyama
H. Okumura
Case Study (Whistleblower Protections in the United States)Y. Terao401804
Case Study (Information Communication Technology Policy)T. Okazaki401902
Case Study (Introduction to the Medical Insurance System)T. Furusawa402002P/T
Case Study (Microeconomic Policy I: Problem Analysis)Y. Kanemoto
H. Ohashi
T. Matsumura
M. Nakajima
K. Yamaguchi
T. Imagawa
M. Hisatake
Case Study (Microeconomic Policy II: Solution Analysis)Y. Kanemoto
H. Ohashi
T. Matsumura
K. Yamaguchi
T. Imagawa
M. Hisatake
K. Ishii
Case Study (Macroeconomic Policy I: Problem Analysis) T. Ito
T. Ihori
Y. Iwamoto
M. Nakajima
Case Study (Macroeconomic Policy II: Solution Analysis)T. Ito
T. Ihori
Y. Iwamoto
K. Ishii
Case Study (Microeconomic Policy: Introduction to Policy Analysis)Y. Kanemoto
T. Matsumura
H. Ohashi
M. Nakajima
K. Yamaguchi
T. Imagawa
M. Hisatake
Case Study (Macroeconomic Policy: Introduction to Policy Analysis) T. Ito
T. Ihori
Y. Iwamoto
M. Nakajima
Case Study (Tax Policy for Developing Countries)S. Shibasaki402702P/T
Case Study (Basic Theory of Tax Policy)S. Shibasaki402802P/T
Research Paper 500102
Research Thesis 500206

Note: P/T - Practical Training Course

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