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ロベルト・オルシ特任准教授の記事がHistory of European Ideasに掲載されました 2022年11月07日(月)


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Prof. Roberto Orsi, a Project Associate Professor,  published a research article “On the concept of Volk in Carl Schmitt” from History of European Ideas.


Although Volk may be considered a central concept in the work of Carl Schmitt, and one to which the German jurist dedicated a sizable amount of writing, a remarkably limited number of publications have so far provided an analytical study of how Schmitt conceptualised Volk, particularly in English-language secondary literature. This article intends to address this gap by systematically reviewing how the concept of Volk appears in the Schmitt’s theoretical effort, with a particular focus on his publications from the late 1920s to 1945, and how it relates to his main legal-theoretical and political claims, both in his constitutional doctrine (Staatsrechtslehre) as well as in international law. It sketches some interpretive pathways to locate Volk in a broader historical and theoretical context, and it offers a conceptualization of the relation between Schmitt and existentialist nationalism.


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