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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

松浦 正浩 MATSUURA, Masahiro

客員教授 / Visiting Professor 松浦 正浩MATSUURA, Masahiro

Meiji University, Graduate School of Governance Studies

Courses in AY 2021

  • 5130020-1 交渉と合意

Education & Employment

Master in City Planning Massachusetts Inst. of Technology/DUSP)
Mitsubishi Research Inst.
Ph.D. (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology/Urban and Regional Planning)
University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Public Policy
明治大学専門職大学院ガバナンス研究科 専任教授

Research Fields

Consensus building and negotiation in the fields of urban planning and environmental policy.

Major Publications

Matsuura, M. & Schenk, T. (Eds) Joint Fact Finding in Urban Planning and Environmental Disputes, Routledge, 2016 .
Matsuura, M., Fuller, B., Kaufman, S., Kim D-Y & Baba, K. "Educating Negotiators for a Connected World" In Honeyman, C., Coben, J. and Lee, A. (Eds.) Beyond Negotiation 2.0: Teaching negotiation in the multi-stakeholder, multi-level, and multi-processes world of public policy, DRI Press, 2012.
Matsuura, M. "Consensus-building Processes" (pp. 171-189) In Komiyama, H., Takeuchi, K., Shiroyama, H. and Mino, T. (Eds.) "Sustainability Science: A Multidiscilinary Approach" United Nations University Press, 2011.

Masahiro Matsuura and Kenshi Baba, "Consensus Building for Long-term Sustainability in the Non-North American Context: Reflecting on a Stakeholder Process in Japan" Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, 9(3), pp. 256–268, 2016
John Forester, Lawrence Susskind, Karen Umemoto, Masahiro Matsuura, Giancarlo Paba, Camilla Perrone and Raine Mantysalo, "Learning from Practice in the Face of Conflict and Integrating Technical Expertise with Participatory Planning," Planning Theory and Practice, 12(2), pp. 287-310, 2011