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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

インターンシップ Internship

Graduate School of Public Policy requires students to independently conduct internships. In order to guarantee that interns work with responsibility, a few organizations may require a recommendation or memorandum of understanding issued by the Graduate School.

As seen in the attached paper, due to our school’s emphasis on practical education and desire to maximize internship opportunities, we have provided a guideline for internships.
Our school will provide student recommendation letters and interns if organizations agree to provide an internship opportunity as written in the proposed guideline. Organizations that desire recommendations, etc. are advised to contact administration of our Graduate School.

Internship Guideline

Procedures for Registration and Application for Course credits for Internship

The following states the procedures for the registration and application for one credit for Practical Training Course “Internship” (Course code: 5139000):
◾Students who are going to do an internship for one week or more at public policy related organizations such as government agencies, municipal bodies, NPO or private institutions can register the “Internship” and apply for one credit.
◾Students can register the “Internship” and apply for one credit anytime at the Graduate School Office.
◾At least one week before the start of the internship, get approval from an academic instructor and submit “Internship Application Form” with his/her signature or stamp to the GraSPP Graduate School Office.
◾Within one week after the completion of the internship, ask the academic instructor to evaluate “Internship Report Form”.
◾After the evaluation, submit the report with the academic instructor’s signature or stamp to the GraSPP Graduate School Office.

* As for the academic instructor, please refer to the following “List of Academic Instructors” (excepted part-time lecturer).
* Students can only obtain a maximum of one credit for internship participation in the entire course of study at GraSPP.

List of Academic Instructors (excepted part-time lecturer)
Internship Application Form
Internship Report Form