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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

For students going abroad

For exchange students and double degree students going aroad

(from GraSPP to Exchange Students and Double Degree Students)

Dear students,
While going on overseas study and living abroad brings about many great gains such as participating in academic and international intellectual discussions and enriching of multicultural experiences, there are also obligations that one must come to accept and abide. First and foremost is the abiding of the law and customs of the host country, and the respect for its religious disciplinary rules, societal customs and culture is to be expected and taken as a matter of course. It is thus important that you familiarize yourselves with the laws and regulations, religions, history (especially its relationship with Japan), and culture of the host country before your departure. You should also be aware that there are many cases where there are differences in the laws of other countries to that of Japan on what constitutes to be criminal acts or criminal punishments.

NOTE: You should never commit an act that is against the law and regulations of the host country.

Although this also applies when you are in Japan, there are possibilities where you may be implicated in trouble even though you have not committed any offenses. This is especially likely to happen if you are a foreigner with language difficulties and may thus be easily disadvantaged. Hence, you should refrain from going to dangerous places or places where such misunderstandings may likely occur.
The above-mentioned cautionary advice also applies to tourists and those who travel from Japan to overseas, but it is more important for you as you should always bear in mind that you are sent on your overseas study as a representative of the University of Tokyo on funding by donations and public subsidies, as well as made possible by the support and assistance received from your host universities. You should be acutely aware at all times that your every act and behavior could affect the reputation of Japan and the University of Tokyo, and influence the continuity of future exchange projects.
I sincerely wish and look forward to you having a fruitful overseas study experience that is free of troubles and that you can achieve the most in both your academic pursuits and private life during your time spent abroad. Bon voyage!

Dean of Graduate School of Public Policy

Note: For information on foreign countries, you can refer to websites such as the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ homepage on overseas travel advice and safety tips, etc.

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