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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

GraSPPers Voice GraSPPers Voice

Being back to GraSPP as a PhD student

Lee Shinae (from South Korea)

My first opportunity to study at GraSPP was through the Campus Asia Summer Program a few years ago when I was on my master’s course at Seoul National University. Two short weeks were impressive that made me want to come back one day and study at GraSPP.
After obtaining my master’s degree, I worked as a researcher specialized in Japanese economic policy at a Korean government’s think tank. Throughout two years of research on policy, I gained precious experiences on how research results reflect actual policy making, which got me more interested in focusing my career on it. It consequently led me to further my education for a PhD on policy research, growing as a researcher and collecting expertise.
I wanted to infuse more of an international perspective for my research on my main academic interest of Japanese security. But, it was not easy to find the ideal school that would allow me to pursue it academically and practically.
Luckily, I was reminded of GrasPP and found the doctoral program in GrasPP. The program, aiming to nurture highly skilled researchers with multidisciplinary and practical skills for policy-making, was perfectly suited for my interest.

GrasPP doctoral program provides opportunities to interact, communicate and learn with internationally renowned researchers from all over the world. Also, the professors and staffs in this program are excellent, highly experienced, knowledgeable and supportive guiding you through your PhD thesis.  GrasPP is a place to grow academically through important issues that span over academic ones into everyday life. Especially interacting with students of diverse cultural and educational backgrounds helped immensely. GrasPP would be a considerable choice for anyone pursuing a career in the field of public policy.